LIF 094 - Choose Your Best Life Now!

LIF 094 – Choose Your Best Life Now!

Most people aren’t satisfied with their lives. A big reason they feel this way is because they focus more on their career or on building a business than they do on deciding what kind of life they want to live. Later, after their plate is filled-to-overflowing with work, they go back and try to figure out how to squeeze the life they want to live into their careers.

That’s backward!

Instead, why not decide what kind of life you want to live first, then figure out how to make your work fit into that life.

Purpose of this Episode

You can choose your best life now by adopting three simple mindsets.

Tips Shared in this Episode

I start this episode by sharing a quick story about a Life Assessment tool I recently used and how my results were different than a majority of people who took the same assessment.

Mindset #1 — Commit to Putting Life First

Mindset #2 — DREAM Your Best Life Now

Mindset #3 — DO Your Best Life Now (one area at a time)

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