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Life happens! And when it does, confusion and chaos often follow. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can stay focused on what matters most even when life throws you a curve ball.

In Episode 010 of The Live It Forward Show, Kent Julian goes deeper with E+R=O and gives examples of how staying focused on your attitude, actions, articulation, and associations empower you to live it forward even when life happens to you. If you’re in the midst of a challenging situation, this episode will definitely help you keep moving forward!

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Show Notes

1. Welcome to the show.

2. Reminder: Contest ends June 2.

3. Get Paid to Speak—Speak It Forward Boot Camp.

4. Success Tip: “The best leaders treat their best people the best.” —Kent Julian

5. Kent’s favorite “question”—Jeff stated: “I have no question. I enjoy Kent’s take on everything.”

6. John asked: “How to make money as a speaker?”

  • Start with you.
  • Find people who hire speakers.
  • Communicate with people who hire speakers in the way they want to receive communication.

7. Pamela asked: “How do I stay focused when life happens?”

  • Start by asking: “Is life happing to me or am I making this happen to my life?”
  • Next, if life really his happening to you, embrace E+R=O and the 4 Fence Posts of 100 Percent Responsibility

8. Danielle wanted recommendations on Inspirational Books

  • Text the word FORWARD to 44222 to receive a list of 10 of Kent’s favorite inspirational books.

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