Key To Success – Educate Yourself

Key To Success - Educate Yourself

Key to Success — Educate Yourself by Attending a Conference


Because I am a speaker, I attend a lot of conferences. Case in point, this past week I spoke at three different conference. But what made this week a bit different is that one of the conferences I spoke at is one I also attend for my own professional development and success. It is the Write to the Bank LIVE Event hosted by my good friend and business affiliate Dan Miller.

Of all the thoughts on success I share in this blog, perhaps none is as powerful as being sure you educate yourself by attending a couple of conferences every year. I have found conferences to be a major key to success for my own personal and professional development. Why is attending conferences so important? Here are three reasons:

    • The strategic insights you gain. When I really want to get a strategic look at the ins and outs of a particular skill or business, nothing can beat a conference, especially if it is being hosted by a person or organization that has solid credentials.
    • The people you meet. A major key to success in life and business is making sure you associate with quality people. In fact, Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” In my business, I’m fortunate to associate with some stellar individuals. Interestingly, I have met the vast majority of these people at conferences over the past seven or eight years. In fact, I have even attended a couple of conferences simply to connect with someone else I knew was attending the same conference.
    • The time you save. Want to knock off 3-to-5 years of learning something the hard way? Then attend a conference that is being hosted by a person or organization that is achieving success in the thing you want to pursue. Success leaves clues, so learning from others who have gone before you is not only a key to success, it will also save you an incredible amount of time and energy in learning things the hard way.

If you don’t do anything else this year, be sure to invest in yourself by attending a good conference. If you’re like me, you’ll find this to be a major key to success in your personal and professional development.

Speaking of conferences….

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