Happy Family, Happy Life

Marcus and Ashley help young married couples, especially those in their first year together, build a strong foundation for a healthy, happy, and lasting marriage. They currently live in Orwell, Vermont and enjoy spending time together and just being a happy family. They blog at ourpeacefulfamily.com and plan to launch podcast called: The First Year Marriage Show.


photo credit: Dennis Skley

(NOTE: Marcus answered the questions for our SHOW UP AND SHINE interview.)


If you boiled life down to one philosophy that brings meaning and adds value to your life no matter what circumstances you face, what is that philosophy for you? 

One of my major philosophies is to live a fulfilling life. For that to happen, I always ask myself two questions:

1. Am l living a fulfilling life today?

2. If today was my last day on earth, have l achieve the most important goals for my life which are to have a peaceful and happy family and to inspire other people to be the best they can be.

What are one or two keys to success for you?

There are three pillars to the successes I have experienced: planning, staying focused, and being open-minded. A plan helps me analyze and prepare for the goals l set for myself, my marriage, and my family. Staying focused keeps me on track with my plan. Being open-minded allows me to receive constructive feedback on my goals.

What is one of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and what did you learn from?

Doing something l know is wrong; it always results in a bad way. Because of this reality, I strive to do only the right thing.

What is your best advice for people who want to SHOW UP AND SHINE? In other words, what would you say to help people live into their bigger story?

Have a plan, work hard and smart on your plan, stay focused, be open-minded, learn to build relationships with people, and always remember that prevention is better than a cure.


Question: Marcus puts a lot of emphasis on growing a happy family. What is one thing you do to create a happy family environment in your home?