Be Pushy! SMART Goal Setting in Action

If you want to move from DREAM to DO in your life and business, it's important to push yourself in SMART goal setting.


Because success does not come to the most talented or gifted. It comes to the ones who are willing to push forward and make improvements day after day after day after day…

One of the best strategies you can use to make daily improvements in your life and business is to “play up.” In other words, do whatever you can to connect with individuals who are beyond where you are either personally and professionally. When you get the opportunity to be around these people, be sure to listen, learn, and set goals for how you will apply what you learn. This strategy for SMART goal setting will honor them while also helping you move from DREAM to DO.

Specifically, how can you do this?

For me, I've hired coaches, purchased a plethora of books, and attended dozens of conferences. Additionally, whenever I speak at an event and get to hear another speaker, I look for an opportunity to treat that speaker to a meal so that I can ask questions and gain insights. (NOTE: If you use this strategy, ALWAYS pay for the meal.)

Has this strategy paid off?


I could share tons of examples, but here's one that happened recently. I had the privilege of spending over an hour with a speaker I greatly respect. I mentioned to him that my goal was to experience similar success. Not only did he tell me it was doable, but as he told me his story, I heard my story in his journey. I listened, took tons of notes, and am already applying what I learned from him. I'm stoked!

One last thing. I sent a handwritten thank you note and gift to this speaker. Always look to thank and honor those who graciously give you the gift of their time.


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