Success Principle E+R=O with Bruce Van Horn

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Success Principle E+R=O with Bruce Van Horn

I believe that one of the #1 success principles is to live E+R=O. The concept that Events+Response=Outcome is truly life-changing and will help you to live it forward into the most important roles of your life.

For this very special episode, we have asked Bruce Van Horn to join us for an in-depth conversation about what it takes to live an E+R=O lifestyle.

Success Principle E+R=O with Bruce Van Horn

The most important success principle I have learned and applied to my life is E+R=O. I actually learned this from a middle school math teacher and basketball coach while I was an at-risk student struggling with academics, confidence, and decision-making. Later, I heard it described in more detail from Jack Canfield in his book, The Success Principles. Most people, myself included, tend to live with an E=O mindset, which means the events (the things that happen to us) determine our outcomes. If we are happy, it is because good things are happening. If we are sad, angry, lonely, or broke, it’s the events that happen in our life that cause us to feel this way.
This simply isn’t true! The truth is, it is how we RESPOND to those events that determine our outcomes — how we feel, our quality of life, and even our success.
In this episode, my good friend, Bruce Van Horn, and I had an awesome conversation about this life-changing topic.

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