10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

Here are 10 things happy couples do that unhealthy couples don't. How many of these characteristics describe your relationship?

Lounge. Happy couples love being together. Simply hanging out together, minus an agenda and errands, brings significant happiness and joy.

Listen. Happy couples listen to one another. Each person seeks first to understand, then to be understood. (This is one of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits.)

Laugh. A great sign of health in a relationship is laughter. Lots of laughter! Laughter reduces stress, lightens each person's load, and most importantly, it makes life fun.

Learn. Happy couples tend to be life-long learners. Learning makes life interesting, but better yet, it makes each person in the relationship more appealing. Additionally, the best lessons you'll ever learn in a relationship are the insights you gain about your partner.

Like. The happiest couples not only love each other, they like each other. They intentionally focus on what they like about their partner instead of zeroing in on the traits that might get under their skin from time to time.

Lend. Happy couples share duties and responsibilities. They are equal partners and are willing to lend a helping hand, usually without having to be asked.

Look. Couples that love each other look at one another with fresh eyes. They continually discover new things about their partner that make him or her unique, interesting, attractive, and sexy.

Lunch. Happy couples eat meals together. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midnight snack, they realize meal times provide the best space to slow down and connect.

Launch. Couples in healthy relationships champion the dreams of their partner. They are more than cheerleaders; they are launch partners to each other's success.

Last. Healthy relationships last. Unhealthy relationships don't.


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