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Most people want to be high achievers, but they’re not exactly sure what steps to take. In the second episode of The Live It Forward Show, Kent Julian focuses on what you can do to become a high achiever. First, he addresses why stick-to-it-tiveness is your greatest competitive advantage. Next, he dives into three big ideas that will help you move from a 50% achiever to a top 3% achiever in the most important roles of your life.

Additionally, we share details about six great prizes you can win in our current podcast contest.

So listen in to enjoy all this great content and much more!

Show Notes

1. Who wants to be normal, anyway?

2. Contest details.

3. Success Tip: Stick-to-it-tiveness is your greatest competitive advantage.

4. To be a 50% Achiever: LIVE Smart—Habits to Survive.

5. To be a 10% Achiever: It’s Your Life, Own IT—Habits to Thrive.

6. To be a 3% Achiever: FORWARD is the Direction of Success—Habits to Fly.

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