I had the privilege of being on several business podcasts recently. One was a podcast that focused on personal branding. The other focused on being a professional speaker. Both hosts did an outstanding job. In fact, I believe you will benefit from connecting with them not just to hear the shows I was on, but to hear other shows they have produced.

Personal Branding and Speaking PodcastsJared Latigo
Simple. Personal. Brands.

When you start a business, you tend to be all over the place.

The reason?

Your business plan is an educated guess. You really don’t have a clue about what will work and what won’t. No matter how good your plan, you usually try multiple ideas and end up going with what works best.

But there actually comes a time in your business when several things start working well and you have to prune. When you get to that time and place, how do you figure out what to cut in order to refocus and grow effectively?

That’s what Jared and I discuss in this podcast. A few topics we cover are:

  • How I grew my business from $4,000 in revenue to $68,000 in 3 years working part-time and how you can do the same
  • Why it’s so important to cut 15 percent of your business every year
  • Why your #1 marketing strategy should probably be to give more away

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Personal Branding and Speaking PodcastsThe Iron Jen Show
If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!

I get interviewed quite a bit about being a speaker, but Jen surprised me. She asked some questions that haven’t been asked before. In fact, because of Jen’s interviewing skills, you’ll find out:

  • How magic and motivational speakers led me into speaking
  • How awful I was as a speaker when I first started out and how you can avoid being as awful as me
  • Why trying to make your speech perfect before you start will likely end up backfiring on you
  • What steps you can take right now to get started as a speaker

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