Why You Should Never Say: “I Want To Start My Own Business”

It's exciting to say: I want to start my own business. But this statement is actually a terrible place to start if you want to build a long-lasting, successful business.

You might be wondering why this statement is such a bad starting point. Let me explain…

Most new entrepreneurs think their want is enough to start a business. It’s not. To succeed as an entrepreneur, it's better to ask “How can I best serve the world around me?”

Once you figure out how you can best serve, opportunities that fit who you are and how you are wired will likely present themselves to you.

Anyone Can Say: “I Want To Start My Own Business”

Think about it. Anyone can say they want to start their own business. And many people do. But are they fulfilled? For instance:

  • Do they enjoy their work?
  • Are they positively impacting others?
  • Is enough revenue coming in?
  • Are they truly fulfilled in what they are doing?
  • Are they successful?

Building a business is tough. This means if you're not passionate about who you serve and how you serve them, it will be hard to stick with it. Therefore, whether you open a Subway franchise or become a professional speaker, you have to start by figuring out who you are, how you are wired, and how you can best serve the world around you before you let yourself get too excited about building a business.

Sure, it’s fun to dream about working for yourself with no boss telling you what to do and no ceiling on your income. I LOVE these aspects of owning my own business! Yet these are not your first moves when starting a business.

As stated earlier, your first moves are to figure out what motivates you and what you can offer the world. Then you pick a business idea that allows you to do those things! Picking a business idea simply because it sounds like you could make money at it is short-sighted and will likely lead to disappointment and burnout rather than success.

Bottom line, don’t simply say I want to start my own business. Go deeper. Get clarity. Figure out what motivates you and how you can best serve others. Then start a business that allows you to do that.

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