LIF 114 – How to Create a Priority Pipeline

LIF 114 – How to Create a Priority Pipeline

Most personal development experts focus on personal development strategies like crafting a purpose statement, defining values, setting goals, and creating positive habits. Yet few talk about the importance of creating a Priority Pipeline.

In today’s episode, Kent shares about the power of a Priority Pipeline, both how to create one and how to use it in your life and business.

Purpose of this Episode

You can make better decisions about your life and business by creating your Priority Pipeline.

Tips Shared in this Episode

Question 1: What’s the difference between purpose, priorities, and values?

  • COMPASS = Your True North
  • Purpose, Priority Pipeline, and Values = Who I Am and Why I’m Here
  • Personality Traits and Strongest Talents = How I’m Wired and What I Do Best
  • X Marks the Spot = Where I Feel Called to Go in Life and Business

Question 2: How do you create your Priority Pipeline?

Question 3: How do you use your Priority Pipeline?

Call to Action

Create your own Priority Pipeline as a tool for making better decisions about your life and business.

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