The BEST Advice for New Dads – LIVE I Love You

I wish you could have been with me recently when I had a conversation with a future dad about becoming a new father. He asked me for my best advice for new dads.

Wow...what a discussion!

My Advice for New Dads

By no means am I Super Dad. I can honestly say, however, that I strive to be the best husband and father I can be. I believe this is the reason this soon-to-be dad wanted to talk with me. He basically said, "You seem like a good dad, so what's advice do you have for a dad like me?"

My response was straightforward: "Don't just say I love you. LIVE I Love You."

Going a bit deeper, I shared one statement that drives me as a dad and one note that motivates me as a dad.

One Statement That Drives Everything I Do With My Kids

The one statement that drives everything I do with my kids is this: I want to be the kind of dad my kids can look at and say with pride, "That's my dad!"

I said to this new dad: "That's it, plain and simple. Do this and you'll be a great dad."

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One Note That Motivates Me to LIVE I Love You for My Kids

What I'm about to write might be bragging, and I'm okay with that. The reason? I'm delighted that my daughters actually said this about me.

When my twin daughters were 13 years old, Kathy asked what kind of guy they'd like to marry. They said, "A guy like Dad." Kathy asked for specifics and this is what they said (word for word):

  • Funny
  • Loves Jesus
  • Loves mom
  • Spends time with his family
  • Works hard to provide for our family
  • Inspires, encourages, and motivates others

When the soon-to-be dad finished reading this note, he looked up and said: "Wow, I hope my kids say those kinds of things about me someday."

Can you guess what I said in response to this dad?

LIVE I Love You and they will!

Want More?

There is one little parenting tip that has made a BIG difference in my relationships with children.

I write each of them a birthday letter every year. Not a birthday card, a birthday letter.

It not only impacts their lives, but it also helps me be a better parent.

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