I’m a HUGE Georgia Tech fan!

My wife and kids are also Georgia Tech fans. It’s sort of a prerequisite to being in the Julian family (otherwise, I might have to disown them). In fact, even our dog, who is a French Bulldog, is named “Georgia Techster Julian.” We call him “Techie” for short.

If you’re missing something, we love GT!

Of course, as true GT Jacket fans, we know a ton of UGA jokes (i.e. University of Georgia). Most UGA jokes have to do with the intelligence level, or should I say “the lack there of,” of UGA grads. It’s all in fun, of course…at least that’s what I keep telling my UGA friends.

Yesterday, one of my daughter’s found one of our favorites UGA jokes on a unique picture. After she texted this picture to me, I had a smile on my face all day long. Being the kind and generous blogger that I am, I had to share my joy with you.

So, enjoy the following hilarious and insightful word from The Most Interesting Man In The World.