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 7,361 Emails Couldn't Be Wrong! (Another in a series of Success Stories)

As you know, Live It Forward exists to help people make the move to the life and work they love. We share a lot of success stories here, as well as talk a lot about career objectives and career goals…setting goals and achieving goals…what is success and keys to success in both life and work.

What you might not know is that while I blog here, I'm very involved in other places online. If you've been following this blog somewhat, you've probably heard me mention my two other websites: www.speakitforward.com and www.kentjulian.com. However, I don't talk too often about my involvement in www.48days.net, yet I spend as much time there as anywhere else online.

48 Days - Your Headquarters for Creating the Work You Love

Why do I spend so much time on 48days.net? Because it's a community filled with amazing people who are well-informed and committed to creating the life and work they love. People who share both their success stories and what they've learned from their failures. In fact, it's a community where people take an honest look at their career objectives and career goals, they constantly talk about how to be set goals and achieve them, and they are working hard to define what is success for them and what the keys to success are in both their life and work.

And to top it off…all of this is absolutely FREE!

In fact, one member of 48days.net who has become a friend of mine over the past year is Cam Ross. Check out what he recently wrote about the impact 48days.net has had on his life:

Thirteen months ago (in December of 2010), I signed up for 48days.net.

I immediately joined several great groups and shortly afterwards, I started my own group Strengthen My Spiritual Life.

Now it is January 5, 2012 and out of curiosity, I opened my gmail and filtered my messages to show only 48days.net notices.

The number: 7,361 emails total had been received.

This is a big number. This also means that in 2011, individuals were being pushed to take new steps; in 2011, people were challenged to confront their norms; and in 2011, lives were being transformed!

So as we begin 2012 together, thanks for being with me, challenging me, and growing with me on this journey, because I don't believe that 7,361 emails in a little over a year is small by any standards — especially when it equals changed lives and situations (in a down economy or so they say). 🙂

Are we ready to transform another year? I am.


You can find out more about Cam here.

And you can find out more about 48days.net here. Remember, it's FREE to join.

Additionally, if you join 48days.net, be sure to check out the two groups I'm privileged to lead—Speak It Forward and Write It Forward.