5 Leadership Styles That Are Guaranteed To Backfire


Different circumstances require difference leadership styles. Plus, different people respond to different leadership styles. That's why having different leadership styles represented in an organization or company is a good thing.

With that said, there are some leadership styles that backfire every time they are tried. Here are 5 bad leadership styles that are guaranteed to backfire, along with a few hints on how to avoid them.

1. Lone Ranger Leadership

This is the #1 leadership shortfall for most new leaders. They don't like to let go of the reigns, sothey try to do everything themselves. This leadership style is bound to backfire simply because the demands of leadership requires a team effort.

Avoid Lone Ranger Leadership by being a student of your team. Get to know what makes each member show up and shine. Equip them in the areas of their strengths, and then turn them loose to do their thing. This is the essence of great leadership!

2. Shortsighted Leadership

Why does your organization or company exist? Why do you do what you do? Without a clear mission and vision, your team might stay busy, but chances are they are not truly productive.

Avoid Shortsighted Leadership by constantly asking the why question. Then be courageous enough to only do those things that support your team's mission and vision.

3. Trying Too Much Leadership

Is your calendar cluttered and over stuffed? Are you trying to squeeze in so much that you end up doing nothing well?

Avoid Trying Too Much Leadership by running hard after one big priority at a time. Do few things and do them well. Remember, the enemy of the best is often the good.

4. Chaos Leadership

The larger your organization, the more attention must be given to communication. Otherwise, chaos ensues.

Avoid Chaos Leadership by becoming obsessed with communication. Communicate with everyone about everything. Create systems that allow you to communicate naturally and regularly (e.g. newsletters, website updates, texts, webinars, Periscope, etc.).

5. No Room Leadership

Some leaders are afraid of talented up-and-comers. DON’T BE ONE OF THESE LEADERS!

Avoid No Room Leadership by inviting sharp individuals onto your team as early as possible. As the saying goes: “Big shoulders carry a heavy load.”


Question: How do you avoid these bad leadership styles in your organization? Are there any other poor leadership styles you would add to our list?