3 Weird Things I Am Thankful For and Why

During the Thanksgiving season you'll see a lot of What I'm Thankful For lists. Most will be filled with positive thoughts about family, friends, and blessings. But how many lists will include positive affirmations about things most people would consider weird to be thankful for?

3 Weird Things I Am Thankful For and Why

Time. Time is our most limited resource. There never seems to be enough to accomplish all we want to do. Yet I'm very thankful for the limited amount of time we have on earth. The reason? It helps us focus on what matters most! If we had unlimited amounts of time, we would waste much of it on things that don't matter. The limited nature of time is a positive motivator for considering wisely how we use it.

Kelsey JulianType 1 Diabetes. One of our twin daughters, Kelsey, was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes four years ago. She's doing great and lives a normal life, but her normal is more challenging than it would be without Type 1 Diabetes. As parents, Kathy and I would do anything to take this disease away from Kelsey. Yet in a weird sort of way, we are thankful for the disease, as is Kelsey. The reason? Again, it has to do with focus. Before Juvenile Diabetes, Kelsey was a kind, considerate, and determined young lady. After Type 1 Diabetes, all of these attributes have blossomed even more. Kelsey hasn't allowed Type 1 Diabetes to make her bitter, she's used it to make her better. She's living E+R=O!

(There is a lot of misunderstanding about the difference between Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. Its onset usually occurs between infancy and 30 years of age, and it has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle. What's more, there is nothing a person can do to prevent it. You can find out more about Type 1 Diabetes, often referred to as Juvenile Diabetes, by visiting the JDRF website.)

Turmoil. Why would anyone be thankful for turmoil? While I am not directly thankful for it, I am indirectly thankful for it because once again it causes us to focus on what matters most. Life's storms cause me to lean more on God. They also tend to foster deeper connections with family and friends. Faith, family, friends…three things we can experience more authentically in the midst of turmoil.

Bottom line, in a weird sort of way I'm thankful for the lack of time, Type 1 Diabetes, and turmoil simply because they help me focus on what matters most!

Question: What weird things are you thankful for?