10 Easy Ways To Make Money That Make It Hard To Get Rich

You could use more money, right? Perhaps you’ve even spent time online looking for easy ways to make money. But did you know making money and building wealth are not the same thing?

Here are 10 ways you can make money that will actually make it harder for you to build wealth…

The borrower is slave to the lender.
1. Borrowing. If you’re in the habit of borrowing money, you’re likely not building wealth. In fact, you’re probably broke. Borrowing lots of money and building wealth are incompatible habits.

2. Selling something you don’t believe in. Selling is a great tool for building wealth. Yet success in sales requires enthusiasm. This means if you don’t believe in the product or service you’re selling, you won’t be very good at sales. You can fake it for a while, but in the long run your sales will dry up.

3. Taking advantage of others. If you take advantage of people to make a quick buck, you’re pathetic. Harsh statement? Yes. True statement? YES! Money that leads to true riches is connected to serving others and adding value. It’s always a win-win. Taking advantage of people is nothing more than stealing.

4. Stealing. Speaking of stealing, you probably wouldn’t slip on a ski mask and head over to the local bank, but have you cheated on your taxes or filled your water cup with Coke at a fast food restaurant? Just remember, we reap what we sow, even if we sow in secret.

5. Lying. Are you ever tempted to “close the deal” without sharing all relevant details? Cutting corners seems so easy when you’re desperate for cash, but never underestimate the damage white lies will do to your character, your reputation, and your ability to build wealth. Again, we reap what we sow.

6. Hoarding. You probably don’t live in a trailer stacked floor to ceiling with old newspapers or all the dolls you’ve collected throughout the years (at least, I hope you don’t), but did you know hoarding money actually makes it harder to get rich? While saving is a great habit, doing so at the expense of not giving isn’t. The vast majority of wealthy people are givers, not because they are rich, but because they have always been generous. Generosity and building wealth go hand in hand.

7. Gambling. This should go without saying, but gambling is losing proposition. You may hit the jackpot occasionally, but you’re a crackpot if you believe gambling or playing the lottery is your best strategy for building wealth.

8. Working lots of hours. This one is counterintuitive. While working lots of hours is a great way to earn extra cash in the short-term, in the long-term you want to learn how to earn passive income. If your only wealth building plan is to add more hours to your workweek, you’ll burn out and lose your family along the way.

9. Inheriting. Why wait around for an inheritance to gain wealth? Why not build wealth on your own? Then, if an inheritance comes your way, you’ll have more options for how to best use that gift.

10. Compromising. Every item listed above is a compromise. Yet there is one compromise that goes unnoticed on most lists. It’s pursuing work that doesn’t fit you. You’ll rarely do great work if you’re doing work you don’t like.

There you have it, 10 easy ways to make money that make it hard to get rich. If you want to get rich, don’t focus exclusively on making money. Instead, look for wealth building ideas! Find business opportunities that fit who you are and how you are wired. And if you’re looking at direct sales companies or home business opportunities, be sure to look for ones that truly align with your passions, talents, and desires.



  • Have you ever fallen for one of the easy ways to make money listed above? What was the result?
  • What is one way you are building real wealth?