Thoughts on Success – It’s Not A Big Deal

Thoughts on Success — Achieving Success is Really Not That Big of a Deal!

If you've been a reader of this blog for any amount of time, you know one of the thoughts on success that I'm a passionate about is the BIG is Little and Little is BIG principle. In my mind, a major factor to experiencing the BIG things in life that we all want—meaningful relationships, work we are passionate about, making a significant contribution to the world—is getting the LITTLE things right day in and day out. It’s realizing that our small, everyday decisions eventually lead to either big successes or big failures. To me, this is one of those thoughts on success that clearly demonstrates the importance our daily actions.

The poster below clearly communicates this BIG is Little and Little is BIG principle. What's more, if you click on the link below the poster, you'll be taken to a website that is loaded with posters that share many of the thoughts on success we talk about here (this is not an affiliate link).

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