The Procrastinator’s Meeting Has Been Postponed

Procrastination is defined as “intentionally putting off doing something that should be done; delaying something that requires immediate attention.”  After reading this definition, it’s pretty easy to see why procrastination is a major roadblock on the journey of success.

So, how can you beat procrastination? Try these three strategies:

Attack your most important task first.  What's the first thing you do in the morning? I’m talking about the first thing you do after Leading Your Life from Quiet and you are ready to jump full force into your day.  Most people open their email account just to take a quick peek. Yet nine times out of ten that quick peek turns into a long stare. Before they know it, a couple hours pass.

My number one rule first thing in the morning is: DON’T LOOK AT EMAIL! The reason is because if I start my day looking at email, I start my day in reactive mode instead of proactive mode.

So, before turning on my computer, I predetermine my most important task for the day and give that task at least 60 minutes of my time. This one simple strategy has become my number one weapon against procrastination.

Prepare for tasks before starting tasks.  Ever started something only to realize you don’t have the right tools to start? This happens to me far to often with yard work. I get ready to cut the grass only to discover I don’t have gas in gas can. Or I go to bag leaves only to discover there are no bags in the garage. Frustrating!

Bottom line, making sure I have the right tools before starting a major project helps me accomplish that project faster and more effectively.

Track your accomplishments.  If you’re like me, checking off an important task on your To-Do List gives you a boost of energy. I’m not sure why, it just does. That’s why I’m a big believer in daily tracking. Use whatever method you'd like…a task list, a goal sheet, or even a journal (personally, I use a 3×5 card)…just be sure to track your accomplishments. As I like to remind myself, “What I track, I attract.” Therefore, if I consistently track my positive accomplishments, I’ll attract more of the same.

Hope these strategies are helpful.

Alright, stop procrastinating and get something of value done today!

* Picture purchased from iStock Photo