Transitional Leadership – How To Transition Well

Transitional Leadership: How to Transition Well

Effective leadership requires lots of leadership qualities. For instance, one of the most important leadership qualities is to know which leadership styles are positive and which are not. Also, good leaders know the difference between leadership and management.¬†Even more, great leaders¬†know how to take 100 percent ownership of their lives. One concept that rarely gets…

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2 Leadership Traits You MUST Have If You Want To Succeed!

leadership traits you must have to succeed

I did a google search on the phrase leadership traits. 277,000,000 results. I also did one on must-have leadership traits. 81,300,000 results. Important leadership traits. 111,000,000 results. Key leadership traits. 61,000,000 results. Essential leadership traits. 49,500,000 results. Obviously, there is a lot of discussion about leadership qualities. Do you ever think we make it too…

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5 Leadership Styles That Are Guaranteed To Backfire

5 Leadership Styles to Avoid

  Different circumstances require difference leadership styles. Plus, different people respond to different leadership styles. That’s why having different leadership styles represented in an organization or company is a good thing. With that said, there are some leadership styles that backfire every time they are tried. Here are 5 bad leadership styles that are guaranteed…

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4 Communication Skills of Thought Leaders

  Most successful direct sales professionals and entrepreneurs are thought leaders. The reason? In order to be a thought leader, you must continually invest in yourself. When you invest in yourself, not only do you better your chances of becoming a thought leader, you also better your chances of experiencing success. Both are natural by-products…

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