How to Break Free from Mediocrity

How to Break Free From Mediocrity

Does your life feel routine and monotonous? You wake up, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, head out the door to battle rush-hour traffic, stare at your computer, sit in meetings, scarf down lunch, sit in more meetings, stare at your computer some more, fight rush-hour traffic again, eat dinner, plop down in front of the…

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Do You Have Stick-to-it-tiveness?

Do You Have Stick-to-it-iveness?

I lead a community called the Paid to Speak Accelerator. This mastermind community is designed to equip people to move from DREAM to DO as speakers…whether they want to speak full-time, part-time, or even use speaking to grow their business or membership site. During one of our recent weekly meetings, I shared that one of…

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7 Traits of People Who Make A Difference

7 Traits of People Who Make a Difference

Many definitions are attached to the word “success.” Some would include making it to the top of your profession, earning a great income, becoming famous, winning awards, or gaining influence. While success can encompass these descriptions, a major ingredient that should be included in any definition is making a positive difference in the lives of…

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