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The Fastest Way To Achieve Your Goals, GUARANTEED!

I speak and write A LOT about setting goals and achieving goals.

The reason?

It's because I am so passionate about being intentional and proactive. 

First, I strive to be intentional about how I live my life via the five major roles that are most important to me (i.e. personal development, family, professional, community, stewardship).

Second, I also strive to be proactive in accomplishing the goals I set in each of these roles.

As I often explain to people, my ability to be intentional and proactive is not due to some sort of special talent or magical ability. Instead, I have developed a system for setting goals and achieving goals that actually works. In fact, being intentional and proactive about goal setting and goal getting is something anybody can do IF they have the right system.

Since people keep asking me to reveal ALL the secrets to my goal-setting and goal-getting system, I've finally decided to sit down and put everything on paper. That's what this Goal Getting E-Book is…me pulling back the curtain and revealing EVERYTHING I know about how to set goals and, more importantly, how to GET goals. I share every single detail of the goal-setting and goal-getting system I use each and every day!

Top 21 Goal-Setting and Goal-Getting Results

Here are 21 of my favorite results you can achieve by implementing the strategies taught in this 99-page downloadable E-Book—Goal Getting! Not Your “Normal” Goal Setting System (This One Actually Works!):

    • Learn how to win at the Simon Says Game of life.
    • Discover how your story can enhance your life no matter what has happened in your past.
    • Make the Big-Is-Little and Little-Is-Big Principle, which is always at work, work for you instead of against you.
    • Realize the difference between “dead” goals and “alive” goals and how to make all your goals come alive.
    • Recognize why “Yeah, But…” excuses are so dangerous and how to avoid them when setting goals and achieving goals.
    • Learn how to be a goal setter even if you don't like the word “goals.”
    • Be able to encompass, cover, and coat all your goals with two “special sauces” that will enable you to put first things first and properly balance your life and work when setting goals and achieving goals.
    • Realize that achieving goals is nothing more than a numbers game and determine how to play your numbers right.
    • Discover how to get the 80-20 Principle (i.e. Pareto Principle) working for you.
    • Identify ways to put the 80-20 Principle on steroids (in a good way!).
    • Learn how just 1 percent can make an amazing difference in achieving goals.
    • Use the “Planned Neglect” strategy to accomplish your goals more quickly.
    • Master leading your life from quiet everyday.
    • Set annual goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals without adding one extra minute to your schedule.
    • Get the concept of seasonality working for you in setting goals and achieving goals.
    • Master time investment instead of time management.
    • Learn ways to give 80 percent of your day to your greatest priorities.
    • Use a 101 Percent List to lead and manage your week.
    • Use a 3×5 card to lead and manage the details of your day.
    • Discover the ABC's to making each day more effective and productive.
    • Keep the temptation of perfectionism at bay.

Additional Benefits and Bonuses

Additional benefits that are included in the Goal-Getting E-Book which are designed to help you in setting goals and achieving goals include:

    • 50 quotes on topics like goal setting, how to achieve goals, and more. Many of these quotes are pulled out in special text boxes to make them easy to access.
    • Over 30 links to blogs, videos, forms, and resources to add additional depth to the goal-setting and goal-getting themes in this E-Book. The vast majority of these links are pulled out in special text boxes to make them easy to access.
    • An appendix consisting of 28 of the primary links to blogs, videos, and forms so that you have access to these resources in one place.

If you are ready to experience the fastest way to achieve your goals GUARANTEED…

Order GOAL GETTING Today! 

Retail: $47

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Why Is This E-Book $47? The reason the Goal Getting E-Book is listed at $47 is because the goal setting tips, strategies, and tools Kent shares in this resource are incredibly powerful. This resource is more than the typical goal-setting resources which all seem to say the same thing. This unique program is both comprehensive and complete, yet simple to implement and apply to real life. There is nothing like it on the market today.

Is There Any Guarantee For Kent's Goal-Getting System ? Absolutely! If you apply ALL the strategies included in this E-Book (again, the system is comprehensive and complete, yet it's simple to implement and apply) for 6 months and you are unsatisfied with the results you see, we will give you your money back for this E-Book! All we ask is for you to share an email briefly explaining what part of the Goal-Getting System didn't work for you. We won't try to change your mind about the refund, we simply believe in constant and ongoing improvement, so we want to know of any potential sticky points with this product.

Retail: $47

Your Investment:  Only $37

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