Live By Design

  • Is achieving vocational and financial freedom one of your highest priorities?
  • Even if financial freedom is one of your highest priorities, do you still define true success as more than money?
  • Do you desire more out of your work? Not just an income, but the opportunity to use your best talents to positively influence and impact others?
  • Are you looking for a group of people who embrace the same core values that you do to can encourage you, push you forward, and hold you accountable?
  • Do you want to experience multiple streams of income without making your life and work overly complicated or complex?

These are worthy goals! But, they are not easy to achieve. If they were, more people would be financially free. More people would be investing in work that matters. More people would be impacting others and making a difference. And more people would be living truly successful lives.

If you are serious about accomplishing these goals, the place to start is with the people you do life with.

So it's time for a reality check. Are you doing life with people who help you or hinder you in achieving these goals?

LIVE BY DESIGN (Not By Default)

The Live By Design Mastermind is an exclusive community of people who are committed to the goals listed above. "Exclusive" in that this community is open to people by invitation and application only. This isn't because we're pompous or snooty. We are just highly committed to the goals above.

But even more, this is a tribe of folks who are committed to 5 CORE VALUES. You see, most mastermind groups are committed to the goals listed above. What makes the Live By Design Mastermind unique are these 5 values. We fight for these values. We stand for these values. We strive for these values. We treasure these values.

The truth is, if these are not core values for you, I guarantee this is not the mastermind for you.

5 Core Values of the LIVE BY DESIGN Mastermind

This is what we fight for. This is what we stand for. This is what we strive for. This is what we treasure.

  • True success is about more than money. Financial freedom is of HUGE importance to group members and something each of us is committed to achieving. But what good is financial success if you sacrifice what truly matters along the way?
  • Our business is our ministry. We are called to invest in people and positively impact our world. This is what we do for a living.
  • Bigger is not always better. If you’ve been in business for more than a nanosecond, you’ve heard about scaling. But we don’t believe that bigger is always better. Remember, financial freedom is not about how much you make, but how much you keep and how hard it works for you. That’s why we believe simplicity is often better than scaling.
  • No one tells you about the Secret Sauce. Every successful person I’ve met secretly admits that beyond their business strategies and hard work there was an unpredictable, unrepeatable, happenstance moment or meeting that was crucial in opening the door to their success. While this does occur because of networking and genuine relationships, you cannot manipulate or force it to happen. It just happens. This was true for me in my first career as well as in the three businesses I’ve started. What this means to you is becoming the kind of person who can respond to these opportunities when they present themselves is as important, if not more important, than finding the right business strategies or formulas. Who you are and how you connect with others matters even more than what you can do.
  • We love and respect freedom! We love vocational and financial freedom because it gives us options. But more importantly, we respect freedom and know it requires responsibility, character, and virtue from us.

Your Live By Design Mastermind includes:

Weekly Mastermind Zoom Sessions

We meet weekly to dive deeply into topics like personal development, investing in our families, business success, financial freedom, multiple streams of income, and personal impact and influence.

Expert Q&A

We regularly invite experts to join us to focus on specific topics. These are not just expert interviews, these are expert Q&A sessions where members get to ask questions. Our experts include speakers, authors, business leaders, family experts, fitness leaders, and more. Topics include financial freedom, multiple streams of income, real estate, business development, spirituality, and family life.

Personal "Next-Step" Sessions

Perhaps the most valuable element of the Live By Design Mastermind is when we focus exclusively on you and your needs. A Next-Step session is your opportunity to share your greatest challenges and roadblocks to achieving what matters most to you. In turn, you receive insight, strategies, and guidance from people who are committed to the same kind of goals as you, who embrace the same core values, and who are committed to seeing you succeed. Next-Step sessions require honesty, vulnerability, and courage, but they are also one of the most rewarding and growth-oriented opportunities you'll ever experience.

As a side note, you'll grow just as much from helping other mastermind members during their Next-Step sessions as you will through experiencing it yourself. This one of the powers of a mastermind!

Live By Design Retreats

At least two in-person retreats are hosted at the DREAM-to-Do Studios annually. These retreats are for Live By Design Mastermind members only.

Exclusive Online Community

Members have access to an exclusive, private, members-only online community.

The Live By Design Mastermind is by application/invitation only.