LIF 102 – The Big Leap #7 – Solving the Relationship Problem

LIF 102 - The Big Leap #7 - Solving the Relationship Problem

LIF 102 – 102 – The Big Leap #7 – Solving the Relationship Problem

The message of The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks,by Gay Hendricks, ties into the DREAM-to-DO message Kent shares on this podcast. That’s why we’ve created a 7-part series to talk about what it takes to make the “The Big Leap” in your life, relationships, and career.

Kent started The Big Leap series in Episode 096 and 097 by defining the Upper Limit Problem and examining flawed foundation upon which it is built. Episode 098 was dedicated to discovering how to spot Upper Limit Behaviors in our lives and what steps to take to dissolve them. In Episode 099, 100, and 101, Kent showed us step-by-step how to make The Big Leap into your Zone of Genius.

In this final episode of The Big Leap series, you will learn how to solve what Gay Hendricks describes as “the relationship problem.”

Purpose of this Episode

6 suggestions for solving THE relationship problem most successful people face.

Review of previous Big Leap episodes:

  • Episode 096 — Defining the Upper Limit Problem and how it works
  • Episode 097  — Hidden barriers that hold us back and how to dissolve them
  • Episode 098 — How to spot Upper Limit Behavior in your daily life
  • Episode 099 —Confronting Your Fear with Your Zone of Genius
  • Episode 100 —How to Discover Your Zone of Genius
  • Episode 101 —Living in Your Zone of Genius

Tips Shared in this Episode

1) According to a study by John Cuber and Peggy Harroff, 80 percent of successful people have unsatisfying marriages and long-term relationships.

  • Devitalized Relationships — partners stay together despite having fallen out of love years ago.
  • Passive-Congenial Relationships — partners were never passionate about each other in the first place.
  • Conflict-Habituated Relationships — partners create a lifestyle based on constant conflict or bickering.

2) Two main reasons successful people have dismal relationships:

  • They have to deal with the Upper Limit Problem to a more intense degree.
  • They don’t know how the Upper Limit Problem works.

3) Healthy relationships exist between two equals.

4) To be successful in life, work, AND LOVE, follow these six suggestions:

  • Take plenty of time for yourself in a space apart from your partner.
  • Put a priority on speaking the truth, especially about what is going on with your emotions.
  • When emotions are in the air, don’t try to talk yourself or your partner out of them.
  • Give your partner plenty of non-sexual touch.
  • After soaring to a new height of intimacy, bring yourself back to the ground in a positive way.
  • Cultivate at least 3 friends with whom you can form a “No Upper Limit” conspiracy.

5) Final thought: “You can tell more about a person’s true spirituality from the way he or she treats his or her partners than you ever could from tallying that person’s church attendance.” — Gay Henricks (The Big Leap, page 196)

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