LIF 047 — 3 Positive U-Turns Along Your Path to Success and Significance

3 positive u-turns along your path to success and significance

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3 Positive U-Turns Along Your Path to Success and Significance

If you have ever found yourself headed down the wrong direction on a road, it is scary! The quickest way to solve this problem is to make a U-turn.

The same can be true about the road to success and significance. If you are headed the wrong way, then make a U-turn!

In episode 047 of The Live It Forward Show, Kent Julian shares three positive U-turns you can make on your path to success and significance.

3 Positive U-Turns Along Your Path to Success and Significance

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3. Three Positive U-turns Along Your Path to Success and Significance

U-Turn #1 — Turn Away from Dreaming the Same Old Dreams
  • Your dreams determine your direction
    • What is your life mission?
  • Power, prestige, and profit will not bring you true success
  • You will never have success without significance
U-Turn #2 — Turn Away from Saying Yes to the Same Old Stuff
  • The enemy of the best is not the bad, it’s the good
  • Focus on what matters most so good opportunities don’t become overwhelming
    • Tool — Envision It Forward Compass 
  • Determine your priorities so you can say yes to the best
U-Turn #3 — Turn Away from Hanging Out with the Same Old People
  • Spend time with extraordinary people who will help you experience success and significance at a high level

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