LIF 020 – How to Motivate Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Motivate Yourself

Why are some people more successful than others? There are numerous reasons, but here’s one truth that is often a common denominator: Successful people are willing to do the things necessary to achieve success that others are not willing to do. Another way to say this is: Successful people are motivated enough to do the hard work that other people simply won’t do.

Getting motivated and then staying motivated isn’t as hard as you might think, but it does require a counterintuitive approach. In Episode 020 of The Live It Forward Show, Kent Julian shares 3 easy steps for how to motivate yourself. These are simple things you can do today to guarantee you find and keep your mojo!

Show Notes—How to Motivate Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

1. Welcome to the show.

2. Weekly Review.

  • Spoke in New Hampshire last week.
  • Speaking in North Carolina this week.
  • Moving one of our daughters to college this week.
  • Shout out to Chris Julian.

3. The Live It Forward ADVANCE Conference registration opens up this week!

  • Dates: November 11-12, 2016
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4. How to Motivate Yourself in 3 Easy Steps.

  • Step 1: DO NOT Try Harder—create space to find and foster your mojo.
  • Step 2: DO Live It Forward—direction determines destiny.
  • Step 3: DO Develop Live It Forward Habits—take control of your habits; take control of your life.

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