Key to Success - Leisure

I speak and write a lot about real success. Not just fame or fortune, but personal, professional, and relational success. I often refer to this concept as experiencing true success in the most important roles of your life. A favorite key to success that I focus on in my speaking and writing for achieving this type of true success is investing in yourself.

Most often, when speaking about investing in yourself, my focus is on activities like attending conferences, reading good books, or hiring a personal development coach. However, these actions are not the only way to invest in yourself. Another approach is through leisure.

Go Ahead, Ride Your Bike Without a Helmet!

Leisure is not vegging in front of the TV for three or four hours every night. That’s lethargy. Leisure involves participating in activities that add value to your life, and it’s this “adding value” part that makes leisure an investment.

My wife Kathy and I recently enjoyed a few days of leisure at the beach. While there, I went for a run, which is one of my favorite leisure activities, and I saw dozens of people investing in themselves through leisure. I saw:

  • People running and walking.
  • People taking tennis lessons.
  • Fathers and sons fishing together.
  • Families building sandcastles.
  • People flying kites.
  • Families riding bikes together.
  • I even saw a couple riding together on one bike…the guy was peddling while the gal sat on the back basket with her legs dangling just above the road. Both had huge smiles on their face, and neither were wearing helmets. (Reminded me of my childhood days!)

Yes, investing in yourself is one of the keys to success I often focus on, but I admit…often I forget to mention the importance of leisure. Leisure refreshes and builds you up. Leisure adds aroma. Leisure is an investment that brings amazing pleasure to life.

Leisure on, my friends!


Photo Copyright: choreograph / 123 RF Photos