How To Get Your Drive Back in 2 Easy Steps

Mojo is a funny thing. It comes and goes without much notice as to why. Yet when your internal motivation does leave, have you ever wondered how to get your drive back?

Getting your drive back isn't as hard as you might think. However, it does require a counterintuitive approach. If you've lost your mojo, here are two easy steps you can take to get fired up again.

How to Get Your Drive Back in 2 Easy Steps

Step 1: DO NOT Try Harder. Figuring out how to get your drive back is not about exerting more energy or pushing harder, it's about creating space to find your mojo. This means the first secret to how to get your drive back is to slow down and intentionally look inward.

I call this approach leading your life from quiet. Just like you have to stop driving to put gas in your car, leading your life from quiet allows you to stop pushing to put fuel in your life. There are a lot of habits you can choose from to lead your life from quiet including reading uplifting books, meditating, praying, writing in a blessings journal, reviewing your purpose statement, reviewing your goals, and more. The key is to set up a regular time to lead your life from quiet and to follow through with it consistently.

Step 2: DO Live It Forward. Yes, I know I just said to stop pushing, but that doesn't mean you should completely stop moving. Continue to live it forward by taking small, positive steps every day.

Many people look for one, big, magic step to take that will somehow solve everything. Sorry, but that's not how you get your drive back. Mojo builds as a result of taking consistent, simple actions every day. As you take these positive steps forward, your drive will begin to build again. Like I say in my Direction Determines Destiny keynote:

  • You cannot change your destiny overnight, but you can change your direction. And your direction determines your destiny!

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