Goal Setting Tips – For Guys Only

Goal Setting Tips for the New Year on Man Cave Radio

Announcing Man Cave Radio — Sharing Goal Setting Tips in a Guys Only Format

As you know, I’m big on sharing thoughts on success, and success stories, as well as insights on setting goals and achieving goals. (On A Side Note: The Live It Forward Goal Getting E-Book and Audio Series is coming soon!)

With this in mind, I’ve come across a podcast that I love!

It’s for guys only (sorry ladies) not because it’s lowbrow or gross, although their most recent episode talked about “unibrows.” Instead, it’s actually inspiring and uplifting. The reason it’s for men only is because…let me allow the creators of Man Cave Radio to tell you:

There are many resources that provide entertainment and encouragement designed especially for women. Unfortunately, we have found that most shows that might otherwise appeal to men tend to be “downers.” Since we have a passion for high-quality entertainment and communication, we decided to help fill the void with Man Cave Radio.

I’ve listened to several episodes and Jessie and J.J. Lahey really do deliver on their promise of “high-quality entertainment and communication.”

So, if you’re looking for some good laughs, along with some great goal setting tips for the New Year, check out the Taking Control of the New Year episode on Man Cave Radio.

Goal Setting Tips for the New Year on Man Cave Radio

“Work, Women, Romantic Comedies…3 Things Not Allowed in the Man Cave!”

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