FOCUS is Key to Success

John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast says FOCUS is the key to success. But it's the way he breaks down FOCUS that makes it so key. Check it out…


FOCUS is Key to Success

Follow — Proceed. Ensue. Pursue. Go after. Seek. Travel. Move. Get going. Forward.

One — Singular. Particular. Specific. Solitary. Sole. Exclusive. Lone. Single.

Course — Way. Trail. Corridor. Passage. Path. Direction. Road. Avenue. Route.

OR… Approach. Study. Subject. Technique. Assignment. Concept. Program. Procedure.

Until — Arrive. Reach. Enter. Appear. Land. Get to. Show up. Finally.

Success — Accomplish. Achieve. Attain. Bring about. Realize. Earn. Gain. Prosperity. Victory. Triumph. Win. Shine. BOOM.

 ** FOCUS **

— Follow One Course Until Success 

The Key to Success!

Question: What makes FOCUS hard for you? What keeps you from following one course until successful?