Desserts Spelled Backwards Is…

This morning at the family breakfast table, all five of us were trying to remember how to spell dessert. If you're like us, you have a hard time remember if dessert is spelled “desert” or “dessert.” (By the way, “desert” is the place where cactus live and “dessert” is the after dinner food that tastes so good.)

That's when McKenzie shared her secret to remembering how to spell dessert. She said, “Do you know what the plural of dessert spells backwards? STRESSED!” 

I love it! Even more, I'll never forget out to spell dessert again.

One more thing, what a good reminder as we enter the holiday season. One serving of dessert is probably no big deal, but several servings of desserts will likely make you feel stressed!

Just a thought to chew on 🙂