10 Tips to Reduce Stress and Avoid Burnout

Your plate is full and you feel the pressure. Work responsibilities. Credit card bills. Marriage and family responsibilities. All the pressure and stress can be overwhelming and lead to burnout.

Here are 10 common-sense tips to help you reduce stress and avoid burnout. And what makes these tips extra special is most do not require extra time on your part. Instead, they will help you re-engineer the time you already have.


3 Podcast to Consider for Your Personal Development Plan

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Look At What You CAN Do

Success Mantra: Start Looking At What You CAN Do

Jen McDonough is a client who has attended the Speak It Forward Boot Camp and been part of the Speak It Forward Coaching and Mastermind Program. What's more, she's applying what she learned and just booked her first paid speaking engagement. Jen has become a great friend and one of the best compliments I could…

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Success Factors: Work In Focused, Uninterrupted Blocks Of Time

Success Factors - Work in Focused Uninterrupted Blocks of Time

Dan Miller is a great friend and founder of 48days.com. No one has helped me grow more in business and as an individual during the past 7-8 years than Dan. Dan specializes in creative thinking for increased personal and business success. He is the author of the widely acclaimed 48 Days To The Work You…

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Julian Family Year in Review in 15 Seconds

If a picture paints 1,000 words…you can paint one million words if you add a classic Supertramp song and show over 30 family photos in 15 seconds. Like you, the Julian family experienced a lot this past year: McKenzie and Kelsey playing soccer Chris traveling to Europe Academic honors School musical for Chris Swim team…

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One of the Best White Elephant Gift Ideas Ever

Christmas Caning - One of the best white elephant gift ideas

Last year on December 24, I posted a blog about a new (and sort of naughty) Christmas tradition the Julian family started. Unlike most practical jokes, it's a Christmas prank that actually brings joy to neighbors and is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. In fact, it might be one of the best…

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Success Mantra: Be On The Right Stage

Success Mantra - Be On The Right Stage

We're starting a new feature. We're asking leaders, experts, and friends we respect to answer four big questions about how to SHOW UP AND SHINE in life and work. We don't have a name for this feature yet. We also aren't scheduling it for a particular day of the week. We're simply posting these short,…

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A Great Inheritance

Last week I wrote the following comment on Facebook and received 320 direct responses, not to mention 100s of other responses to related posts. It is with sadness and gratitude that I share my dad, David Julian, passed away unexpectedly this morning.  We are sad because he is no longer with us. We will dearly miss him!…

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3 Weird Things I Am Thankful For and Why

During the Thanksgiving season you'll see a lot of What I'm Thankful For lists. Most will be filled with positive thoughts about family, friends, and blessings. But how many lists will include positive affirmations about things most people would consider weird to be thankful for? Related posts: LIF 035 — 3 Strange Things To Be Thankful For…

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Got Leadership Qualities?

qualities that make a good leader

The best leaders treat their people the best! —Kent Julian     According to Forbes.com, the top ten leadership qualities of a great leader include: Honesty Ability to delegate Communication Sense of humor Confidence Commitment Positive attitude Creativity Ability to inspire Solid list. All great leadership qualities. But is the list missing something? Related posts: Do…

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SHOW UP AND SHINE in 2104 – Personal Development Tour

Your Most Important Personal Development Questions… Related posts: 3 Podcast to Consider for Your Personal Development Plan LIF 113 – The World's Easiest Personal Development Plan LIF 049 — How to Show Up and Shine in Your Life and Career 5 Must-Read Professional and Personal Development Books

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