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2 Leadership Traits You MUST Have If You Want To Succeed!

August 31, 2020
leadership traits you must have to succeed

I did a google search on the phrase leadership traits. 277,000,000 results. I also did one on must-have leadership traits. 81,300,000 results. Important leadership traits. 111,000,000 results. Key leadership traits. 61,000,000 results. Essential leadership traits. 49,500,000 results. Obviously, there is a lot of discussion about leadership qualities. Do you ever think we make it too…

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BIG is Little and Little is BIG

August 16, 2020
big is little shown by hands

If you’ve been around long enough, you will know one of my favorite sayings is: “Big is little and little is big. “ Here’s why… I speak to a lot of leaders, employers, and entrepreneurs on the topic of how to be successful. During my keynotes, I often ask audience members if they want to:…

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Don’t Just Manage Your Reputation – Own It!

July 19, 2020
Reputation Management vs Reputation Leadership

In today’s world, the focus on reputation management grows stronger each year. But I think it’s time for a change in focus — from reputation management to reputation leadership — because reputation leadership is far more important. Here’s a quick illustration to clarify the difference between the two. How to Take Ownership of Your Reputation…

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Key Success Factors – Take Action to Change Your Feelings

June 22, 2020

Do current events or life circumstances have you feeling down? Afraid? Uncertain? Stuck? One of the key success factors to feeling optimistic in spite of challenging circumstances is to take action. The reason? Positive actions almost always precede positive feelings. For example, let’s say you are feeling sad. Normal thinking believes that in order to…

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Speaker Training – 3 Mistakes Motivational Speakers Make

June 22, 2020
speaker training - 3 mistakes motivational speakers make

Often the best approach to learning something new is to figure out what not to do first so you can avoid making critical mistakes. And if you’re really smart, you’ll figure out what not to do by learning from someone else’s mistakes instead of making those mistakes yourself. When you’re training to become a speaker,…

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True Success – The Power of Small Steps

May 23, 2020
True success - The Power of Small Steps

True Success — The Power of Small Steps True success is not born from one, big, lucky step. It’s birthed from daily, small, consistent steps. Do you think big? Me too! But most big ideas aren’t accomplished in the short-term. They take persistence over the long haul. And honestly, I sometimes struggle with this reality.…

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The Power of a Smile

May 10, 2020
The power of a smile

Several years ago I read Freelance to Freedom by my friend, Vincent Pugliese. One short story in the book really stuck out to me. It’s about the power of a smile. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. But even more, I hope you are reminded as much as I was about…

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The BEST Advice for New Dads – LIVE I Love You

March 1, 2020
The BEST Advice for New Dads

I wish you could have been with me recently when I had a conversation with a future dad about becoming a new father. He asked me for my best advice for new dads. Wow…what a discussion! My Advice for New Dads By no means am I Super Dad. I can honestly say, however, that I…

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Positive Attitude Is Everything

February 17, 2020
positive attitude is everything

A positive attitude is everything when it comes to success. Zig Ziglar said it this way over and over again: “A positive attitude won’t give you everything you want in life, but it will bring you more than negative thinking will.” A positive attitude is everything when it comes to success. Former Boston Red Sox…

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SUCCESS Magazine Doesn’t Do A Thing For Me

January 5, 2020

SUCCESS Magazine doesn’t do a thing for me. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip! Yet SUCCESS Magazine is my absolute favorite magazine. Not only that, it’s the #1 resource I recommend to clients, friends, and acquaintances. The fact is, I recommend SUCCESS Magazine to EVERYONE! So what’s the catch? If SUCCESS Magazine doesn’t do a single thing…

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