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The Power of Choice – How To Be Successful In What Matters Most

September 23, 2019

How can I be successful in what matters most?  I ask myself this question a lot. Do you? If you’re like me, you don’t want to get to the end of your life only to realize you wasted it pursuing success in areas that don’t matter. You want to live it forward in things that truly count!…

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The Key To Success for Work-Life Balance is Not Always Visible

August 26, 2019
key to success - work life balance

The most important keys to success in having a work-life balance are not always the ones that are most visible to outsiders. But that doesn’t make them any less important. Picture the most successful person you can think of. Maybe they’re a millionaire. Maybe they travel all over the world on speaking gigs. Maybe they’ve…

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The Path To Success Demands You Get Started

July 29, 2019
path to success get started

One of my heaviest annual speaking seasons is starting up and I am excited! I just wrapped up my first speaking trip in about a month and am heading out again for two events this week. On the plane ride last week, I re-read a great little book by Seth Godin entitled Poke The Box. In…

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Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

July 15, 2019
so good they can't ignore you

According to comedian, actor, and musician Steve Martin, the key to success in life and work is to be so good they can’t ignore you. Martin shared this key to success during an interview with Charlie Rose about his memoir Born Standing Up. “Nobody ever takes note of [my advice] because it’s not the answer they wanted…

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Live It Forward by Writing Good Stories

July 1, 2019
Living It Forward By Writing Good Stories

Live It Forward means… Living intentionally and proactively. Causing life to happen FOR you instead of just letting life happen TO you. Determining what you want to be said about you at your funeral and then living in such a way that those words become your reality. Writing and then living the script of your…

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Key To Success For Leadership – Jump Off The Management Water Slide Ride

June 17, 2019
Key To Success For Leadership

As a professional speaker, I speak on the topics of leadership and employee engagement at conferences for all types of organizations including health care, transit, education, and more. My focus is on how to find, engage, and keep top talent by building a DREAM-to-DO culture. Find Out More About Kent Julian’s Speaking When building a…

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5 Big Questions For Your Goal Setting Template

May 30, 2019
goal setting template

It’s a perfect day. The weather is warming up. I’m listening to my Jason Mraz station on Pandora. In a few hours, our family is going to spend some quality time together by taking our dog Buzzy on a convertible ride. To top it off, I’m thinking through the goals I set for this year. Every…

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5 Reasons Taking Time Off Is a Key to Success

April 26, 2019
key to success - taking time off

Surprise, surprise! I’m an avid student of success. I read books and blogs about success. I listen to podcasts on success. And when I meet people who are truly successful, one of my first actions is to ask them to lunch in order to learn more about their secrets to success. Over the years I’ve…

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John Maxwell’s Thoughts on Success – From Accidental Growth to Intentional Growth

April 14, 2019
john maxwell - thoughts on success

Now that the weather is feeling nicer, I have been spending more time on our back deck. The other day, while leading my life from quiet, I read a number of thoughts on success from the vantage point of several different authors. One article in Success Magazine by John Maxwell really grabbed my attention. In…

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THAT DAY Strategy – Key to Success

March 31, 2019
key to success - that day strategy

In most of the keynote presentations I give to leaders and educators, I share the following key to success, which I also try to live out in my own life and leadership. The Key Variable to Success So often leaders look for the right strategy or the right program to improve their services or gain…

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