I did a google search on the phrase leadership qualities. 25,600,000 results.

I also did one on must have leadership qualities. 19,500,000 results.

Important leadership qualities. 18,400,000 results.

Key leadership qualities. 14,700,000 results.

Essential leadership qualities. 9,910,000 results.

Obviously there is a lot of discussion about leadership qualities. Do you ever think we make it too hard? Maybe not too hard, but at least too complex and intricate?

There are dozens of leadership characteristics that will help you succeed in life and work. Yet if you had to boil it down to two personal leadership qualities that are simple to understand, yet extremely powerful when practiced, you’d likely pick show up and shine.

Show Up

There are two ways to show up. You can show up or you can SHOW UP!

Normal people just show up. Whether it’s their marriage, their personal development, their parenting, or their work, all they do is arrive. They get there, do their time, and move on. No true investment. They just get through whatever is before them.

That’s not what successful people like you do. Successful people lead their lives into their bigger story. They SHOW UP! They invest their whole self in their marriage, their personal development, their parenting, and their work. They’re all in!

  • Question: Are you all in? How do you SHOW UP in the most important roles of your life?


Showing up is 20 percent of the personal leadership equation. The other 80 percent requires you to SHINE!

Normal people don’t shine too brightly. Often their light is focused on problems instead of solutions. They also have the tendency to shine light on themselves instead of illuminating the lives of others.

On the other hand, successful people like you SHINE! They lead their lives into their bigger story by being solutions-oriented instead of problem-focused. They also realize the best way to SHINE is to invest in others. They serve with no strings attached, which ends up making their light shine even brighter.

  • Question: Is your light focused on problems or solutions? On yourself or others? What personal leadership strategies help you SHINE?

If you want to succeed in life and work, SHOW UP and SHINE! These two leadership qualities might be simple, but their results are powerful!