Not By Default


Not By Default

Kent Julian | High Performance and Productivity Speaker | Keynote Speaker


Are you doing work you love and earning what you're worth?

Can you imagine loving your work so much that it doesn't feel like work? Better yet, how great would you feel knowing your business positively impacts the lives of others? Why stop there?! As you learn to add more value and provide solutions, you'll also discover how to earn more while working less.


Do you design your day or is someone else calling the shots?

When you look at your typical day, do you live by design or by default? It's not enough to do work you love. True success requires the freedom and discipline to regularly invest in what matters most—your faith, personal development, health, family, key relationships, and finances. Daily direction determines destiny.


Do you measure success by what truly matters or is your bank account your only scorecard?

Financial freedom is essential to your dream life, but it's not the only scorecard. Here at Live It Forward, helping you achieve financial freedom is paramount, but we don't stop there. You'll also learn to keep score of the other essential elements for living your dream life.

LIVE BY DESIGN (Not By Default)

This site is for people who want:

  • Freedom. Seven values are listed on my life mission statement. Number three (after God and Family) is: "Freedom — to be vocationally and financially free." If you value vocational and financial freedom, this site is for you.
  • DREAM to DO. The URL of this site is Live It Forward. To live it forward does not mean you live exclusively for the future. Rather, you live in such a way as to (1) live your dream today and (2) experience your dream more fully tomorrow. DREAM to DO…direction determines destiny.
  • Enthusiasm. Moving from DREAM to DO is not for “normal” people. But you don't care. You’re not normal, anyway! You embrace this DREAM-to-DO journey with determination, gratitude, joy, optimistic, and expectancy.
  • Wisdom. Success is not a one-person show. As Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Being part of a tribe of like-minded, enthusiastic, determined folks who live by design, not by default, is essential for you to move from DREAM to DO and experience true freedom.
  • Influence and Impact. Your story will end sadly if you pursue vocational and financial freedom just for you. So as you expand in abundance, success, and love, you are also committed to helping others do the same.

Kent Julian's Live It Forward Mastermind

Kent Julian - Bio

I’m Kent Julian — committed family man, multiple business owner, professional speaker, mastermind facilitator, fish-taco lover, and proud bald guy. My goal is to help you live by design, not by default, so that you can move from DREAM to DO in your influence, income, and impact.

Here's something I've discovered that you've probably discovered as well. Coming up with a vision for your life that includes financial freedom and making a positive impact in the world is easy. Seeing that vision become a reality is where most people get stuck.

If you've been stuck dreaming about starting a business, doing work you love, and becoming financially free, the Live It Forward Mastermind can help. In fact, for years I search for such a group, but never found exactly what I was looking for.

You see, I've been part of several excellent mastermind groups (and am still a member of one today). Members were enthusiastic, determined, and accomplished. We encouraged one another, held one another accountable, and push each other forward.

But honestly, while each mastermind group has been great, I wanted something more. I wanted a group with members who not only embraced similar goals that I wanted to achieve, I wanted to be part of a group who whole-heartedly embraced SPECIFIC VALUES that were important to me. And that's what had been missing in every mastermind group I've been part of — a commitment to specific values as a requirement of membership. And it is this values-specific distinction that led me to launch the Live It Forward Mastermind!

So while the Live It Forward Mastermind functions like many others, here are the five core values that every member embraces. These values are what makes this group unique. In fact, if these are not values for you, I guarantee this is not the mastermind for you.

5 Core Values of the LIVE IT FORWARD Mastermind

  • True success is about more than money. Financial freedom is of HUGE importance to group members and something each of us is committed to achieving. But what good is financial success if you sacrifice what truly matters along the way?
  • We want our business or work to be a calling. We are called to positively influence others and impact our world. This is why we do what we do for a living.
  • Bigger is not always better. If you’ve been in business for more than a nanosecond, you’ve heard about scaling. But we don’t believe that bigger is always better. Remember, financial freedom is not about how much you make, but how much you keep and how hard it works for you. That’s why we believe SIMPLICITY is often better than SCALING.
  • No one tells you about the Secret Sauce. Every successful person I’ve met secretly admits that beyond their business strategies and hard work there was an unpredictable, unrepeatable, happenstance moment or meeting that was crucial in opening the door to their success. While this does occur because of networking and genuine relationships, you cannot manipulate or force it to happen. It just happens. This was true for me in my first career as well as in the two businesses I’ve started. What this means to you is becoming the kind of person who can RECOGNIZE and RESPOND to these opportunities when they present themselves is as important, if not more important, than finding the right business strategies or formulas. Who you are and how you connect with others matters just as much as what you can do.
  • We love and respect FREEDOM! We pursue vocational and financial freedom because it gives us options. But more importantly, we respect freedom and know it requires responsibility, character, and virtue from us.