How To Write A Thank You Note

Do you write a lot of thank you notes? After every one of my speaking engagements I send out half a dozen or more thank you notes. I want meeting planners to know how much I appreciate them and the excellent work they do.

The more thank you notes you send, the more you’ll discover there is a real art to knowing how to write a thank you note. Thank you notes need to be about the person who is receiving the note instead of about you. They need to be specific and sincere. Most of all, they need to make a positive impression and leave the person feeling appreciated.

How To Write A Thank You Letter

Last week Kathy and I received one of the most creative thank you notes ever. (Well, we sort of received it. It was actually delivered in a care package to our dog.)

Additionally, I learned a lesson about how to write a thank you note that leaves a lasting, positive impression. Kathy and I will never forget this note! We’ve told all our friends about it and now I’m blogging about it. How’s that for leaving an impression?! Check it out…

How To Write A Thank You Note

Dear Georgia Techster Julian a.k.a. Techie —

I’ve got a favor to ask you and I’m going to bribe you with dog treats. Most people use money to bribe, but since you are a dog, I know food is your currency.

Please thank Kathy, your human mom, for hosting the group at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp. It was a lovely evening. Everything was wonderful — the atmosphere, the food, and the company. Anyone who enters your home can automatically feel the love and comfort that radiates.

Please thank Kent, your human dad, for creating an inspiring three days for me at the Speak It Forward Boot Camp that helped not only clarify how to get started in speaking, but also areas of priority for me. It will serve me for years to come. I’ve revised my to-do list process to the 101 Percent Goal List that he taught us which has helped me tremendously. Since leaving the conference I have also established my own website ( and will be speaking this January to a group of 50+ people.

One of the biggest mental gremlins I was facing during the conference was the question of how I was going to make this all work with my upcoming move to Hawaii. On the last day of the Boot Camp Kent spoke on the concept of “Hobby Job.” This reinforced that speaking can be done on the side while you are in transition to becoming a professional speaker. When it comes down to it, I love speaking. It is a huge energizer and mental boost for me. I know that this “Hobby Job” strategy will serve me well and be a great outlet while my husband is deployed over the next three years.

Keep those face wrinkles clean and try not to slobber too much when you eat these treats.

All the best and God bless —

Laura McClernon


Now that’s how to write a thank you note that leaves a positive, lasting impression! THANK YOU Laura for making the entire Julian family (including Techie) feel loved and appreciated.

Question for readers: What’s the most creative thank you letter you’ve ever sent or received?


  • Sutton Parks

    That is a great thank you note! Very creative.

    I’m not too creative with thank you notes. I may occasionally send chocolates or a book. I say a quick prayer for that person, think about what I’m thanking them for and then write. My intention is to bless them but I’ve discovered I’m filled with gratitude while writing them, so I receive something to.

    The best thank you note I received was a card with a sincere, hand written note from a mentor. I keep it displayed in my dining area.

    • Kent Julian

      You do a GREAT job, Sutton. Just got a Christmas card from you. I always appreciate your notes. I try to do the same. This one from Laura was just so outstanding I’ll never forget it :)

  • CheryGegelman

    Kent – This is brilliant in so many ways! I love the creativity of the note, and both the message and the lesson that it held for you. I also see brilliance in sharing the note on your blog and giving a shout out back to Laura while reminding the rest of us what you do and what your gift means to others!

    • Kent Julian

      Thanks Chery!

  • Laura McClernon

    Kent and Techie- Glad you all enjoyed. I love the picture! Techie looks so obedient. All the best :)

    • Kent Julian

      Thank you for the gift, Laura! Techie (and all the Julian’s) LOVED it!

  • kentsanders

    Kent, great post, and such a great reminder of the importance of thank you notes. What’s ironic is that I just put one in the mail to you yesterday.

    Honestly, I am moved and grateful every time I get a thank you note of any kind. Simple traits like kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity seem to be mostly missing in today’s world, so it’s easier than ever to make an impact just by doing SOMETHING. But it’s even more impactful, I believe, when someone says thanks in a creative or meaningful way – especially something that’s tangible like a handwritten note.

    In my roles as a pastor and professor, I have found that handwritten notes of thanks and encouragement usually have a very powerful impact. My school doesn’t provide note card stationery with the school logo, so I created my own a few years ago with my name on the front so it looks all official. :) I also did the same with my business. It was surprised that it was so easy to do.

    I would be glad to share this template and the details of how to do this if anyone’s interested.

    • Kent Julian

      Keep sharing your gratitude with others, Kent. You are touching lives!

  • Lincoln Parks

    Thanks Kent for sharing this because its great icing on the cake to whatever you have spoken or connected with individuals. I am going to take some of what you do here and apply it to what I do.